Sanne Ten Brink

Head Curator Art Management, ING Bank, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Four Season AL MarYah
24TH and 25TH JANUARY 2018
"Join me on the 22nd of March 2018 at Art Talks II: Evolving Cultures, Developing Collections alongside Collection Pictet, Absa Barclays Africa Group, BMW Group and Artzu Projects where we will explore the importance of collection development policy and responses to corporate art activities. Learn more on the overview page."

ING art collection won Corporate Art Award for 'most diversified and alive group collection' in 2016

Sanne (1979) works at ING Art Management since 2005 Before that, she worked in New York at the James Goodman Gallery and the PS1 Contemporary Art Center (affiliate of the MoMA).  

After studying in Spain at the University of Modern Languages in Granada, she acquired a degree in ‘Roman Languages and Culture’ and ‘Art and Art Policy’ at the University of Groningen.

As Head curator and team manager, Sanne is responsible for the development of ING Group’s global art collection and policy. The collection stands for change and innovation and helps foster this culture within ING. As a result, Ten Brink is very interested in working with young, experimental and emerging artists. A great example of this is her initiation of the ING UNSEEN Talent Award, an incentive award to empower young talented photographers.

Over the years, she has gained substantial experience curating exhibitions and managing the link with the ING businesses worldwide. She promotes the cultural involvement of ING, maintains contacts with museums and cultural institutions. Furthermore, she advises clients on buying and selling art, on estate planning and on the management and preservation of art. She has also gained a deeper understanding of giving something back to society through art commissions, acquisitions and the support of young talent.