Robbie Barrat

Artist, New York, USA
"Join me on the 9th of March 2019 alongside artist, Mario Klingemann, Nature Morte Gallery and Klaris Law where we will explore AI and Artistic Creation as well as copyright issues related to AI-Generated Art. Learn more on the overview page and register now to be part of this."

Artist Working with Artificial Intelligence

Robbie Barrat is a 19 year old artist who is a leading light in the world of GAN art, generating headlines with his surreal nudes and landscapes. He recently became one of the most talked about artists in AI from the code he had developed that placed the first AI generated portrait of Edmond De Belamy by the Paris collective, Obvious on the world auction stage and was being sold at Christie's. Barrat's work and process revolve around manipulating neural networks to misinterpret data and generate surprising and novel imagery. Both his Nudes and Landscapes' series are trained on massive datasets comprised of famous historical paintings. The resulting images are surreal blobs of flesh with limbs and  tendrils sprouting out randomly and landscapes that can feel otherworldly yet familiar. Currently working on a fashion project using neural networks, Barrat has trained conditional GANs on a corpus of Balenciaga runway shows and catalogs to generate imagery of novel outfits. These designs are not just approximations of Balenciaga's existing work, but an entirely different interpretation of fashion. Using these designs, Barrat has generated still photos and videos of imaginary runway shows, and is now exploring the production of physical garments. Barrat is featured in the award winning documentary "Science Fair" for his projects focused on advanced mathematics. He is working in a research lab at Stanford University, but plans on attending art school in the coming fall.