Qinwen Wang

Chief Art & Technology Officer, ArtWook, Shanghai, China
"Join me on the 8th of March 2019 where I will be discussing on the potential of blockchain technology-powered, fractionalized ownership investment model for the China art market and how it can improve the efficiency and transparency of art trading, but also address challenges for hundreds of millions of middle-class Chinese to find an alternative way to invest their fast-growing wealth."

ArtWook is a modern Fine Art Shared Ownership Investment Platform on Blockchain

Qinwen is an art professional in a tech venture world. ArtWook, is a modern Fine Art Shared Ownership Investment Platform on Blockchain. Her adventures span from being anartist, to Venture Capital to Entrepreneurship geographically extending from China, the Middle East to UK. Christie's alumni Qinwen's unique hybrid backgrounds formed her dedication in Art & Tech. She focused on Intellectual Property in Kuan Capital, helping Israel and US tech ventures commercialize in China through co-innovation investment model. As the Co-founder of HashBang, she helped Global blockchain incubator LongHash with legal compliance and projects in the United Arab Emirates and provide the world's best blockchain online education course to universal community. As the founder of QW Art Advisory, Qinwen's Art Portfolio includes , 2 TimeOut Magazine Covers,Rowing Tournament Collection for Vanke DeepDive, and as collaboration artist with Corona.