Olaf Hannemann

Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer CV VC, Zurich, Switzerland

"Join me on Friday, June 19 at 1430 UTC on Art + FinTech 2.0 webcast series where I will be giving a short keynote to discuss the new economic models for art and beyond through blockchain."

CV VC is an investment company where cutting-edge blockchain technology meets traditional venture capital

Olaf is a Co-Founder and the CIO (Chief Investment Officer) of CV VC AG in Zug. Before co-founding CV VC, Olaf spend 20 years at JPMorgan in London, Frankfurt and Zürich in Corporate Finance / Advisory as well as Global Corporate Banking. Most recently he lead the Swiss Global Corporate Banking franchise for JPMorgan in Zürich, a unit with global attributable revenues in excess of US$300million. In 2016, he left Investment Banking to start of number of ventures himself in the financial advisory as well as in the nutrition and health space and joined the predecessor company of CV VC as a co-founder in 2017.