Marianne Magnin

Managing Director Arteïa UK & Chair AIS, London, UK

" I am delighted to be partnering with Art + FinTech 2.0 webcast series in my capacity as Chair of Art Identification Standard (AIS) where I will be moderating a panel alongside my fellow members of AIS which includes Artory, Vastari, Articheck and MoCDA. Join us on June 15th, 2020 at 1400 UTC to uncover how AIS can help digital integration and establish greater data trust for the art market."

Art Identification Standard (AIS) was formed in January 2020 to define a framework of industry-wide standards for the identification of art, fundamentally enhacing the way artworks are managed

Marianne Magnin is active in the art sector at the crossing of entrepreneurial, philanthropic, curatorial and writing activities.

She is the UK Managing Director of Arteïa, a technology company that is building an integrated art ecosystem facilitated by smart contracts and AI. Amongst other building blocks, Arteïa already offers an ultra-secure collection management system, catalogues raisonnés on the blockchain, advanced online viewing rooms, an image recognition app.

She co-founded Art Identification Standard (AIS) on behalf of Arteïa and currently stands as AIS Chair.

She founded and chairs The Cornelius Arts Foundation, a UK charity whose mission is to unleash the transformative power of art through R&D.

She is regularly invited to curate exhibitions in the UK and abroad. She is a published poet, translator of poetry and Poetry International editor for francophone countries.

She is based in London, UK.