Judy Mam

Co-Founder dada.art, New York, USA

"Join me alongside SuperRare, OpenSea and Nifty Gateway on June 19th, 2020 at 1500 UTC on Art + FinTech 2.0 webcast series as we explore how Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are pushing new frontiers for digital art."

dada.art is a social network where artists speak to each other through drawings with a decentralized digital art marketplace on the blockchain

Judy Mam is the cofounder of dada.art, the only visual conversation platform where people from all over the world speak to each other through drawings, creating collaborative art.

DADA uses blockchain technology to create a new economic paradigm for artists in which making art is separated from sale transactions, allowing artists to create and experiment freely while they receive a passive income for their contribution to the community. Judy writes an opinion column for The Americano and she writes about film in her blog I've Had It With Hollywood. Before devoting herself to DADA, she was a creative director in advertising. Originally from Mexico City, Judy lives in New York City.