Francesco Gibbi

Founder & CEO
"Join me on the 8th of March 2019 alongside Christie's, ArtTactic, CollectorIQ and Pi-eX where we will explore the use of big data and analytics in helping art collectors better manage liquidity, risk and volatility. I will also be speaking on our automated statistical analysis that will be ready for the market this March to identify the price trend and popularity of an artist/brand/model together with an AI-powered search system based on image recognition. Learn more on the overview page and register now to be part of this."

LOT-ART : The Art Investment Platform

Francesco Gibbi is a seasoned art collector and expert in 18th century Neoclassical etchings. Understanding the wide investment opportunities offered by the global art market as well as the need for more transparency and efficiency for the art investor, he founded " " the innovative art-finance service hub & portal for worldwide auctioning where collectors can access a synergic cluster of tools for optimal investment decision-making in art-related assets, as an effective portfolio diversification to the volatile financial markets.

Master Degree in International Management and specialized in International Affairs, after covering for over 15 years financial and management roles in International Organizations operating in the field of Impact Finance, Francesco is now sharing on his expertise in fine art asset management, believing an investment should bring more than the opportunity of capital conservation and a sound financial return: the pleasure of esthetic beauty and the pride of ownership.

“Art collecting is an investment and follows similar rules to most common financial products but it is just more rewarding in terms of emotional feelings and less volatile in value if you well diversify your collection into fine art and luxury collectibles. A sound investment starts with a cost-effective purchase: leveraging on a sound expertise, auctions are the best source of good deals to any collector looking for alternative investment opportunities.”