Christopher E.Vroom

Founder & CEO, CollectorIQ, New York, USA
"Join me on the 8th of March 2019 alongside Christie's, ArtTactic and other leading FinTech companies in the art market where we will explore the use of big data and analytics in helping art collectors better manage liquidity, risk and volatility. I will also be giving a live demo on CollectorIQ's app and how it can help valuate an artwork and access liquidity in a collection. Learn more on the overview page and register now to be part of this."

CollectorIQ is a SaaS start-up based in New York City focused on the intersection of the collectibles and financial services markets

Christopher E. Vroom, CFA is the Founder and CEO of CollectorIQ, a New York-based asset management platform that enables advisors and their clients to efficiently track, value and monetize fine art and collectibles. He also founded Art+Culture Projects, a publisher of high-quality, limited-edition prints and multiples which are produced to support museum and cultural institution programming around the world.  Previously, Vroom founded and was Chairman of, the world's leading marketplace for fine art, sold to Phaidon Press in 2014. He was a Managing Director and Global Group Head for Internet Equity research at the Credit Suisse First Boston Technology Group and was a Managing Director who ran the consumer equity research group at Alex. Brown & Sons where he followed high growth retailers (including Starbucks which he took public in June 1992).