the first blockchain-based decentralized new media art museum

wunder art-as-a-service is operating at the intersection of patronage and collecting
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It is estimated that nearly 95% of new media artists face limited representation, patronage, and collectorship in their careers. Traditional museums are particularly to blame ― they withhold this democratic art market, as most of it is almost exclusively consumed within the institutional setting. It is also due to new media art collection being a relatively new phenomenon, and there is undoubtedly some skepticism surrounding the ownership of an intangible artwork. Yet, with the rising number of artists practicing in this medium, advancements in encryption technology, and the $45 billion art industry finally warming up to blockchain, there is a newfound demand for this up-and-coming market.

Enter WUNDER: the first blockchain-based decentralized museum at the intersection of philanthropy and art investments, focusing on the collection, preservation, and sustainability of new media art. Join our Telegram group via

By implementing a platform regulated by Patron Protocol-based smart contracts, WUNDER provides both Art-as-an-Asset and Art-as-a-Service opportunities. Angel patrons are able to purchase permanent access ownership rights for one of eight encrypted exclusive copies of an artwork, while Patrons are able to purchase temporary access to the monthly curated exhibitions.

As trust and transparency are essential to the platform, WUNDER provides the digital tools necessary to empower both patrons and artists to connect with one another.  It operates as a decentralized structure with integrated KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) tools, allowing the WUNDER community to make decisions autonomously ― ultimately reducing the risk of fraud.

“One of the highlights of WUNDER is that it operates as an artist accelerator program, helping them gain instant momentum and traction for their work through a democratized patron supported ecology,” says co-founder David Dehaeck, who has a pioneer background as an art business entrepreneur offering price transparency to the art market. “Our ecosystem makes it possible for new media artists to achieve the regulated and liquid market they deserve,” adds fellow co-founder Nathalie Haveman.

The proceeds from shared copies of these new media artworks make it possible to invest in art that will create value beyond its inherent visual, intellectual, or emotional value. This makes it interesting for Art-as-an-Asset investments for family offices, institutions, and alternative passion investment seekers.


WUNDER’s name is derived from the German word, wunderkammer, which literally translates to ‘room of wonder’. As early predecessors of museums, wunderkammers were rooms filled with objects such as historical relics, oddities, and artworks by avid collectors to show off to their guests. In line with this idea, WUNDER introduces their community to a unique, rotating selection of artworks created by both emerging and well-established artists practicing in digital media. But beyond just collectibility and investment, WUNDER also offers interior design opportunities in homes, hospitality, and corporate environments, transforming these spaces into modern day wunderkammers.

There is a global addressable interior design consumer market worth more than USD $300 billion. One of the latest trends followed by hospitality and corporate environments today is the integration of artwork as an interior design element. By aligning themselves with the art world and displaying artworks in their offices, companies add an extra layer of cultural awareness, taste, and sophistication that ultimately becomes a crucial aspect of their brand identity. Whether played on a tablet that sits on a coffee table at home, or on a large screen in a corporate office lobby, WUNDER is easily adaptable to any environment.

At the core of WUNDER is its community, which is why it is launching the WUC ICO. The WUC token on the Patron Protocol ― the infrastructure regulating WUNDER ― establishes strong networks and drives momentum, ultimately securing long-lasting connections within the ecosystem. This accelerated global reach enables WUNDER to introduce the biggest disruption at the core of the primary art market, empowering its community to achieve their ambitions as artists, collectors and art patrons.