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24TH and 25TH JANUARY 2018

ArtDependence Interviews Mario Klingemann

by Etienne Verbist, Columnist, ArtDependence Magazine, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Mario Klingemann speaks at the Art + FinTech Summit at ArtBAB 2019 on AI VS Artistic Creation panel alongside Robbie Barrat, Nature Morte and KlarisLaw moderated by Jason Bailey, Founder Artnome © Fadi Farhat Photography

Instruments of Creation Or Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human?

Etienne Verbist, an authority in the field of crowd sourcing, disruptive business modelling and disruptive art, as well as a columnist for ArtDependence Magazine spoke with Mario Klingemann, an artist based in Munich, Germany who uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to create and investigate systems.

Mario is artist in residence at the Google Arts & Culture Lab, winner of the Lumen PrizeGold 2018, the British Library Labs Creative Award and has been recognized as a pioneer in the field of AI art.His work has been featured in art publications as well as academic research and has been shown in international museums and at art festivals like Ars Electronica, ZKM, the Photographers' Gallery, Collección Solo Madrid, Nature Morte Gallery New Delhi, Residenzschloß Dresden, Grey Area Foundation, Mediacity Biennale Seoul, the British Library, MoMA, or the Centre Pompidou.

Mario is particularly interested in human perception of art and creativity, researching methods in which machines can augment or emulate these processes. He discusses in his interview his artistic research that spans a wide range of areas like generative art, cybernetic aesthetics, information theory, feedback loops, pattern recognition, emergent behaviors, neural networks, cultural heritage data or storytelling.

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