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24TH and 25TH JANUARY 2018

ArtDependence Interviews Joel Kremer from The Kremer Collection

by Etienne Verbist, Columnist, ArtDependence Magazine, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

"I think we will change the way people experience art in more than one way. Giving people access to world class art, which previously had no statistical chance of experiencing it, for instance in countries/continents such as China India and Africa. Educating people in a much more personal and interactive way during their museum visit".

The Future of Museums

Etienne Verbist, an authority in the field of crowd sourcing, disruptive business modelling and disruptive art, as well as a columnist for ArtDependence Magazine spoke with Joel Kremer, founder of The Kremer Museum and director of The Kremer Collection that houses over 70 works of 17th Century Dutch and Flemish Old Master paintings which includes masterpieces by great masters such as Gerrit Dou, Pieter de Hooch, Frans Hals, Jan Lievens, Rembrandt, Michael Sweerts and Gerrit van Honthorst and also very interesting works by lesser known masters who deserve a larger audience such as Adriaen Hanneman, Abraham Bloemaert, Abraham Janssens, Theodoor Rombouts, Jan Baptist Weenix, Emanuel de Witte, Ludolf Backhuizen and many more.

Joel discusses the mission at The Kremer Collection, which is to share their collection with as many people as possible. He also speaks on the children’s program they have started called the #MIGHTYMASTERS Art Program that sets out “To make art universally accessible and fun to as many schoolchildren in the world as possible” where they aim to reach 1 million children aged 6-16 by 2020.

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