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ArtDependence Interviews Jens Faurschou from Faurschou Foundation

by Etienne Verbist, Columnist, ArtDependence Magazine, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Teenagers experiencing VR at Khora Contemporary VR booth at ArtBAB 2019 © Fadi Farhat Photography
Khora Contemporary VR booth curated by UNFOLD Art XCahnge at ArtBAB 2019 © Fadi Farhat Photography
Khora Contemporary VR booth powered by Vive Arts and MSi at ArtBAB 2019 © Fadi Farhat Photography
Jens Faurschou speaks at the Art + FinTech Summit at ArtBAB 2019 on VR as a Game Changer for the Arts panel alongside dslcollection, Vastari and The Kremer Collection moderated by Kevin Joyce, CEO & Editor-in-Chief VRFocus © Fadi Farhat Photography

"Virtual Reality is impacting the Arts in fascinating and divergent ways that can be explained by focusing on the three following areas: the way we experience art, the space in which it is displayed and its financial structure. VR is reshaping the social dimension of our art experience. Artists are always looking for ways to empower audiences to shape their experience within artworks."

VR as a Game Changer

Etienne Verbist, an authority in the field of crowd sourcing, disruptive business modelling and disruptive art, as well as a columnist for ArtDependence Magazine spoke with Jens Faurschou, the Founder of Faurschou Foundation and Co-Founder of Khora Contemporary.

Faurschou Foundation is a privately owned art institution with a collection of contemporary art, and with exhibition venues at Copenhagen North Harbour as well as Beijing’s attractive art neighbourhood 798. Faurschou Foundation introduces the visitors to some of the world’s most acclaimed artists. Faurschou Foundation’s collection is constantly developed and expanded. Over a very short period since its establishment in 2011 Faurschou Foundation has profiled itself as a significant art institution with solo exhibitions of among other artists Ai Weiwei, Cai Guo-Qiang, Louise Bourgeois, Shirin Neshat, Gabriel Orozco, Danh Vo, and Bill Viola.

Khora Contemporary acts as a bridge between artists and Virtual Reality developers. Established in 2016 in Copenhagen by five partners with a common passion for art and VR, it is the first production company to focus on creating contemporary artworks in Virtual Reality. The mission is to establish the technology as a widely applied media within the arts, becoming the Virtual Reality Art production company of choice in the art world.

Jens discusses in his interview on Khora Contemporary's goal to establish Virtual Reality as a widely applied medium within the arts. He also speaks on how Khora Contemporary is involved in the production of Virtual Reality artworks, enabling the evolution of VR by making the technology accessible to the best established and emerging artists.

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