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ArtDependence Interviews Christine Bourron from Pi-eX

by Etienne Verbist, Columnist, ArtDependence Magazine, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Christine Bourron speaks at the Art + FinTech Summit at ArtBAB 2019 on Art & Analytics panel alongside, ArtTactic, CollectorIQ and Christie's moderated by Adriano Picinati, Founder Deloitte Art & Finance © Fadi Farhat Photography

"Art is often seen as a store of value, but actually any art-seller would tell you that ahead of a sale they never know if they will be able to obtain the price they want for an artwork or if they will be able to sell the artwork at all."

Analytical and Financial Tools for the Art Market

Etienne Verbist, an authority in the field of crowd sourcing, disruptive business modelling and disruptive art, as well as a columnist for ArtDependence Magazine spoke with Christine Bourron, Founder & CEO Pi-eX Ltd, a London-based broker dealer that helps art collectors and investors better manage liquidity, risk and volatility by providing analytical and financial tools especially designed for the fine-art market.

Christine discusses some of her biggest issues when seeing art as an investment in her interview with Etienne where she speaks on the limited data available, the absence of systematic and transparent tracking mechanisms, and the inability to hedge one’s financial risk when investing in such high-ticket items with low liquidity. She also speaks on how she created new analytical and financial tools back in 2014 to help address these issues

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