Four Season AL MarYah
24TH and 25TH JANUARY 2018
Atelier Cruz-Diez & Art team Paris
Paris, France

THE artist studio

Atelier Cruz-Diez

In 1960, when Carlos Cruz-Diez moved from Caracas to Paris, he created a studio which was not only a place to live and work with his family but also a meeting point for many artists, writers, musicians, and any witnesses of the intense intellectual scene of that time. Forty years later, led by Carlos Cruz-Diez Jr., Atelier Cruz-Diez Paris is still managing and producing the work of the artist and representing him all over the world.

Atelier Cruz-Diez operates from its Parisian headquarters and works in close collaboration with the Cruz-Diez Art Foundation, the Fundación Taller Cruz-Diez Caracas, Articruz Panama, and Logistics Fine Arts in Miami.

Atelier Cruz-Diez relies on the team’s long-term know-how in production, art logistics, restoration, document conservation, communications and project management.

More recently, it launched the Cruz-Diez Art Team Paris in order to share that structure and expertise with other artists.

Cruz-Diez Art Team Paris 

From our studio in Paris, we do our utmost to increase creative dialogues, by establishing a strong link between artists and all the actors of the rapidly changing international art scene.

Today, our structure enables us to work behind the scenes of the art world and provide curated solutions for artists, architects, designers and art lovers in the fields of art direction, logistics, and the production of works of art. We rely on a communications team, a documentation center and highly skilled experts trained on the latest technologies.

Vested on large-scale commissioned projects in architecture and public spaces, our Art Team is also an entrepreneurial organization that promotes art, creativity and innovation beyond the confines of conventional frameworks.

Atelier Cruz-Diez & Art team Paris



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