Four Season AL MarYah
24TH and 25TH JANUARY 2018

ART TALKS ii: evolving culture, developing collections


Today,  approximately  50%  of  Fortune  500  companies  are developing  art  collections  and  have  begun  to  view  art  as both  a status symbol and an asset, so that the professional development of a  corporate  art  collection  is  both  an extension  of  the  corporate image and a practical financial diversification strategy.

Many businesses and corporations invest in art to shape and boost brand image, as a bespoke collection lends to a company a unique personality. As a company’s organizational identity becomes more certain, it is manifested through its collecting strategies, gaining the  confidence  of  identity  to  begin  collecting  through  direct relationships with art fairs, galleries, and artists. As an extension of its  collecting  activities,  it  may  seek  to  contribute  to  the  public wealth through the commissioning of significant works of art and public artworks, and generally contributing to the preservation of emerging cultural heritage.


Today, the number of private art collectors who choose to house their  collections  in  publically  accessible  museums  is sharply increasing.  There  are  now  more  than  300  privately  funded museums  world-wide,  70  percent  of  which  were founded  since 2000. While only 2 percent of privately funded museums are in the Middle Eastern region, as compared to 80 percent in Europe and Asia, it is a  trend  which  is  anticipated  to  continue,  creating  a  global  art ecosystem.

Many private collectors view the development of a privately funded museum  as  a  means  of  new  philanthropy,  by  giving diverse audiences  access  to  world-class  works  of  art  which  would otherwise be inaccessible. Private museums are often equal to their publicly  funded  counterparts,  offering  public  education programmes,  high  level  curatorial  expertise,  and international exhibition programmes.

While private collectors may make their collections public for any number of reasons, these private institutions often fill a gap in a country’s  arts  and  culture  scene,  especially  where  institutional infrastructure is limited, as in many developing economies.


The second day of our Art Talks II, Evolving Cultures, Developing Collections, focused on developing collections within Private and Public Museums and Institutions as well as Corporations and also gave an insight on how Private Art Organizations are shaping the local art scene in the UAE.

+Jane Morris, Editor-at-large for The Art Newspaper and Cultureshock Media London moderated our panels for Day 2 of our Art Talks II.

+Some of the world's leading corporate art collections; Collection Pictet, ING Bank, BMW Group and ABSA Barclays Africa Group came together to discuss the importance of collection development policy and responses to corporate art activities.

+Nick Betney, Founder & Managing Director, ARTZU projects, Manchester, UK spoke on how great artwork makes a powerful statement and is an inspiration for the working environment, enriching lives and expressing company values, sharing recent collaboration with Ernst & Young UK and Addelshaw Goodard LLP UK on a panel alongside some of the leading corporate collections mentioned above.

+Private Museum Founders from Salsali Private Museum Dubai, Dalloul Art Foundation Egypt, Jean-Paul Najar Foundation Dubai and the Executive Director and Chief Curator of Africa's first major contemporary art museum, Zeitz MOCAA came together and spoke on the future of museums and their role in the changing contemporary art market.

+Some of the leading private art foundations and organizations from the UAE; Tashkeel, Atassi Foundation, Alserkal Group, Alserkal Cultural Foundation and Crossway Foundation in London came together and spoke on supporting and shaping the UAE art scene.

+We uncovered new approaches and projects from Bodega Otazu Spain, Chateau de Montsoreau- Museum of Contemporary Art France, "La Caixa" Collection of Contemporary Art Spain and 21c Museum Hotels USA that enabled private collections to be made accessible to the public

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