Four Season AL MarYah
24TH and 25TH JANUARY 2018

Santi Moix

Flor Blanc, 2017
Oil on Canvas (185x220cm)
Texture, 2017
Oil and pencil on canvas (175cmx250cm)
Wall Collage, 2017
Mixed media on wall (Variable measures)
Santi Moix-Prada NYC- Image 2x4
Santi Moix-Prada NYC- Image 2x4


Santi Moix (b.1960 Barcelona) Based in New York City, Santi Moix lives in a constant search that drives him to work with surprising voracity and creativity. His artistic work, both daring and direct, works always as a field for research, learning and resolution. Versatile creator, Moix also draws and sculpts but painting is probably where he finds his place for reflection. Even though his painting is mainly abstract, he has demonstrated in several occasions a huge capacity for drawing (recently with his series of works about The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain) at the Brooklyn Museum, NY and the mural of “El Quijote” at Prada store in NY. In 2002 he was awarded with the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation fellowship. His work joins collections such as the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY, Fundacio Caixa de Girona, ES, Marimura Art Museum, Tokyo, JP, Museo de Arte Moderna, Sao Paulo, BR, L’hippodrome, Lille, FR among others.

Galeria Carles Taché