Specialists in Art and Consulting

Artem Holdings is an independent, privately funded global events, conferences, and consulting company focusing on art and headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With art as our speciality, this embodiment is reflected in the company name, which is based on the etymology of the word art, where Artem is the accusative form of the Latin ars “art”.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our MISSION is to encourage greater support of the arts by the government, promote the importance of the arts in businesses and corporations, while fostering knowledge and understanding of art as an asset class.

Our VISION is to become the largest multicultural art exchange platform that will further drive the arts, culture and its development across the globe.

Our VALUES draw inspiration from the Latin motto ‘Arte, Marte, Vigore’, which translates as ‘By Skill, Valor and Energy’; this motto perfectly encapsulates the way we conduct our business.

Skill: We recognise the importance of identifying and nurturing talent within our team. Our strong and diversified skills are what set the company apart and enable us to achieve excellence in everything we do.

Valor: We cultivate a “can do, will do” attitude within our working environment and this helps to propel innovation, excellence, and success. We believe in building strong client relationships that are founded on trust, openness, and mutual achievement.

Energy: Positivity flows through our thinking and our actions, delivering passion and enthusiasm and acting as an energetic driver within our company.


Born and raised in Singapore with Algerian descent, Rachel Rekkab founded Artem Holdings in November 2016.

Rachel has over twelve years of experience in the events, exhibitions, and real estate industries. 

She began her career in business-to-business events and exhibitions in 2006 with marcus evans Group, the world’s leading business intelligence company, headquartered out of London, UK. She was formerly the Regional Sales Manager Sponsorship for APMEA, based in Singapore for over eight years. Under her leadership, the sponsorship division experienced outstanding growth, with revenue increasing more than two-fold. She also successfully developed the company’s construction, real estate, and hospitality portfolio in China and the Middle East, which witnessed double digit revenue and profit growth every year for the eight years of her tenure. 

Rachel moved to Dubai in 2014 and worked for one of the largest real estate developers in the region before returning to the events and exhibitions industry with the idea of combining the world of art with architecture, culture and finance on one single platform, using her various expertise acquired over the years. This led to the formation of UNFOLD Art XChange, an unparalleled B2B art business conference and summits platform.


Founder Rachel Rekkab established Artem Holdings with the aim of creating one of the largest multicultural art exchanges that brings together diverse cultures across local, regional and international art landscapes to share ideas and best practices. Her combined knowledge and experience, has resulted in the inception of UNFOLD Art XChange.

Recognizing the growing importance of art in architecture, culture business and finance, Artem Holdings has conceptualized UNFOLD Art XChange's inaugural edition as an unparalleled contemporary art summit that has captured discussions on the increasing prominence of art through two interconnected thematic clusters; Art Talks I: Art, Real Estate and the Built Environment; and Art Talks II: Evolving Cultures, Developing Collections.

The first edition of UNFOLD Art XChange that took place at the Five Palm Jumeirah, Dubai brought together over 150 individuals and connected the art market professionals with government authorities, non-profit organizations, real estate developers, hotel operators, spatial designers, private bankers, risk and wealth managers.

With the success of the first edition, UNFOLD Art XChange launched its 2nd Annual UNFOLD Art XChange, the world premier of the inaugural Art + FinTech summit under the host sponsorship of ArtBAB and patronage of Her Royal Highness, Princess Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, as part of the 4th edition of ArtBAB from the 7-9 March 2019 at the Bahrain International Convention and Exhibition Center. It drew together over 70 participating cultural institutions, museums, art foundations, collectors, fintech specialists (in the area of blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, virtual reality), financial institutions and banks from over 20 countries across the globe. UNFOLD Art XChange will launch Art + FinTech 2.0 webcast series as its summer edition for 2020 this June and will tackle subjects around the online art market, new media art forms and blockchain.