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Artnet is the art world online. It is operated by Artnet Worldwide Corporation, which has headquarters in New York City, in the United States, and is owned by Artnet AG, a German publicly traded company based in Berlin that is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Intelligent HQ is a digital, innovation social business network that provides intelligence, education for professionals businesses startups and Universities. is a platform that provides digital business insights, growth, executive education and change through the social media innovation lens to business - both startups and corporations.

Art in America

Art in America delivers in-depth coverage of the global contemporary art scene. Dedicated to Art & Tech topic, our weekly newsletter The Program, focuses on the latest developments in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, gaming, and collaborations between art institutions and tech companies. Join the conversation by subscribing today: aia_art&tech/welcometotheprogram/signup/


Canvas is a bi-monthly magazine distributed across the world, offering the very best in arts and culture from the Middle East and beyond. It carries intelligent in-depth features from the visual arts to museums, galleries, photography and design.


citiesabc is a digital transformation platform to empower, guide and index cities. citiesabc was created a team of global industry leaders, academics and experts that is creating new solutions, lists, rankings and connections for the world top cities and populations. citiesabc offers the best of innovation in 4IR digital transformation, Blockchain, AI, smart cities technologies and big data.


ARTnews is an American visual-arts magazine, based in New York City. It covers art from ancient to contemporary times. It includes news dispatches from correspondents, investigative reports, reviews of exhibitions, and profiles of artists and collectors


Founded in 2013, Cointelegraph is an independent digital media resource covering a wide range of news on blockchain technology, crypto assets, and emerging fintech trends. Each day the team delivers the most accurate and up-to-date news from both the decentralized and centralized worlds.


.ART is the only domain zone created specifically for the global creative community. With .ART individual artists, galleries, museums, art projects, corporate collections and art media can register a clear and concise web address, that instantly declares their values and expertise to the world.

Our mission is to support the artistic community, protect and strengthen digital identity of its members and generate value from art. .ART fosters creativity in a variety of forms through sponsorship of innovation in art and tech industries, managing various awards and special projects. By joining .ART you will expand your boundaries. You will unleash your art online and become a part of a growing network of creatives.

Le Quotidien de l'Art

Created in 2011, Quotidien de l'art is the first digital daily newspaper on art. In 2018, it became part of the Beaux Arts & Cie group, leader in the cultural press in Europe.The publication focuses on current events in the form of surveys and analysis in the field of the art  and art market as well as cultural policies, in France and abroad.

Supporting partners


NIFTIES was born out of a digital enthusiast's curiosity and the will to spread knowledge about non-fungible tokens.

This media platform aims to be one of the main online destinations for digital collectors interested in premium NFTs.

At NIFTIES we strongly believe in digital collectibles and we think that in the future we will own less physical items and more digital ones.

Why? Just because it is more sustainable, you need less space to store them and they are so cool!

NIFTIES team's goal is to give collectors the tools to build their own collections while they contribute to the rise of many creative minds.

DAO Records

Although the world isn’t quite ready for a fully decentralized Record Label (not yet), DAOrecords decided to start with a hybrid model that brings the best of both together as DAOrecords dive into a fresh new journey.

As a company, DAOrecords employ a “social enterprise” business model that is used to fuel more content creation, fan rewards and other mutually beneficial activities. It’s our mission to empower creatives and their communities!

Lot Art

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Lot-Art | The Art Investment Platform, is to date the leading search engine, marketplace and advisory for fine art & luxury assets. It provides collectors with a comprehensive view of the global auction market, together with a synergic cluster of tools for optimal investment decision-making in art
related assets.

Lot-Art combines big data analytics, market expertise and AI to assist investors in acquiring quality artworks which are also sound financial investments, assuring the asset will carry the highest degree of liquidity and opportunity of return by exploiting every geographical arbitrage and information asymmetry arising in the global art market. More info at:


The combination of cryptography and decentralization has the potential to boost efficiency and bring down costs across all industrial sectors. Easy access to technology and funding has led to an unprecedented explosion of entrepreneurial creativity, coupled with an output of projects almost too massive to keep up with. We are here to tackle this output, to find, fund and work with the most promising founders and projects in the space - and to help them grow.

We invest in all stages of crypto and blockchain development, from incubation to early-stage and growth stages. Because Blockchain is more than just technology. It is an entire mindset that is set to change the world.

CV VC was founded by Lakeside Partners, an experienced startup investor and advisor with its own well-established ecosystem, including a co-working space, startup competitions, industry summits and strong ties to Swiss politicians and institutions.

Blockchain Art

Blockchain/art is creating the first curated “cryptoArt” market on the blockchain, where seasoned art lovers and young enthusiasts can discover, collect and trade digital art NFTs* by blue-chip artists.

Through partnerships with exclusive, top-tier galleries and renowned international museums, Blockchain/art is bringing the blue-chip commercial art world to the blockchain.

Blockchain/art offers the art world ecosystem a “white glove solution” to blockchain integration.

Blockchain/art aims to grow the community for digital artists and collectors by bringing transparency to the digital collectible space.

Blockchain/art accelerates transactions and inspires the creation and collection of digital collectibles and so brings innovation, efficiency, and opportunity to the community of artists in this world.


Teo stands for Touring Exhibitions Organisation and is the one-stop resource for the international touring exhibitions community. Created for hosts, producers and suppliers of international touring exhibitions, Teo is a global living resource for sharing best practices and fostering new international collaborations in the world of travelling exhibits.


The 4ARTapp enables all market participants to be networked digitally for the first time, ensuring more transparency, security, process efficiency and a significant reduction in costs. With the unique and patented «Augmented Authentication Technology» from 4ARTechnologies, registered users are able to record the finest surface structures of an artwork using a commercially available smartphone and thus create an unforgeable digital fingerprint of the scanned work of art. This creates a uniform digital standard for the certification of artworks. Certificates and artworks cannot be duplicated or separated in the future. The work of art is simply verified via smartphone.

Center for Art Law

The Center for Art Law is a New York-based research and education nonprofit that offers resources and programming for the advancement of a vibrant arts and law community. Through its website and monthly Art Law Blast newsletter, the Center disseminates information and keeps readers updated on art- and law-related news, events, cases, and publications. The Center facilitates conversations by hosting and participating in programs including conferences, workshops, clinics, film screenings, and more. Today a world-renowned asset to the art law field, the Center serves artists, attorneys, students and scholars of both disciplines, art market professionals and members of the general public.


PIANOS Music and Art Centre have more than 180 models of upright, baby and professional grand pianos.

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